08 July 2009

Palin: She'll Be Back

One should, but one can't, resist giving the Alaskan Loon even more space. The absolutely absurd and truly amazing thing is that despite her cut and run resignation accompanied by an incoherent and rambling "farewell" speech there are those who still seriously consider her as a potential contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

As liberals, we can only hope they are correct. From their lips to God's ear.

But back to the pride of Wasilla. As all the various pundits from the right and left offer up their various scenarios and "true reasons" for her early exit from the governorship of Alaska we ought to take into consideration that most of us, even the most pious, errr religious, errr posturing as religious among us have as a primary motivation the acquisition of money. And locked away up in the deep freeze of Alaska, the babe from Wasilla, knows one thing for certain. There just is not a lot of money in bounty for wolf hides, fishing or governance of a state with a lower population than most Texas counties.

Call me an Economic Determinist, go ahead--others have, but my thoughts are along these lines. She's rung up some sizable legal bills, gotten a taste of the national limelight, and if she has any aspirations for the future each of which carry a significant price tag which can't be met from the relative obscurity of Alaska.

I think it is that simple. She wants to generate some wealth, cash in as it were. In effect, she knows that the Lord is going to speak to her at some point and ask her to fulfill her "higher calling" and that to do that she will need some serious jingwah.

Had I the opportunity, I would caution her that those folks in the Bible to whom God has spake (spaken?) never do fare that well in the end. I mean look at Moses and Jonah. They and God had some really deep and serious conversations and they each caught some real crappy deals in the end. Better to borrow from a Mafia loan shark, I'd think.

So, the ridiculous right-wing rabble will continue to adore her and shell out the bucks to buy her book and eat rubber chicken, mushy peas and rice swimming in a glutenous lemon basil sauce just to hear her speak about the brutal media and turn-coat liberals.

Hell bells, FOX will probably give her a base as a commentator with a big salary from which to operate her campaign.

Believe me, her "higher calling" will in no way involve the hungry, the poor, the widowed, or the orphaned. She'll be back, making big bucks and preparing to lead Republicans to the perdition they so richly deserve.

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