10 July 2009

Texas Democrats Just Don't Get It!

I am concerned that I am about to launch into a rant. A right proper old hissy fit aimed at both Democrats and Republicans. The Texas Democrats because they do not get it, and the Republicans in general because they not only do get it, they pound us into the ground with it.

Let me start with the Republicans. I have given up on viewing them with any fairness. That is mainly because the word is not part of their lexicon. Their view of what is fair is that they are entitled to run things and when that is not happening things have become unfair. I have also given up on collegiality and courtesy where they are concerned. Again, mainly because to them these are traits of weakness and surrender. So, for the most part, I manage a facade of civility when warranted and when it is not, I pretty much get in their damned faces so that they know there is at least one soul out here who will stand up to them.

Let me explain something. Once the cabal of neo-conservative strategists, neo-liberal economists and their corporate masters along with right-wing religionist riff-raff captured the GOP they executed their plan with near perfection. They set out to capture the very basic and fundamental levels of governance, power and influence in this country. In short, they scored a grassroots victory by running for and getting elected to school boards, water districts, county and municipal offices and various state level positions. They did this by appealing to emotion, religion, and vague and vacuous references to “Family Values” and fiscal conservatism and fear trigger words such as "gun rights" and "right to life".

In the instances that those tactics failed, they were unhesitating in resorting to bullying, gerry-mandering, intimidation and out lawyering and out spending moderates and progressives. They pretended at populism while taking their orders from the moguls, oligarchs, and Tsars of huge stateless corporations.

Got it? They seized power at the grassroots level. They then expanded their power nationally and internationally and clobbered anyone who got in their way.

Now let me talk about the Texas Democrats. I have never in my life come up against such a collection of weak-kneed, conciliatory, ineffectual, apologetic, polite, and clueless lot in the entirety of my life. For the most part, and there really are some quite notable exceptions, they just do not get it. Yes there are brave exceptions toiling every day in the face of institutionalized inertia and mediocrity. They have my deep respect for the thankless work they do in the face of what must be deflating disinterest from those who should care the most. Unfortunately, these laudable folks are in the minority, which in its own way becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

More people turn out for these stupid tea-parties than the Democrats can put together for rallies for their candidates. It is as though they fear giving offense or showing their face in public, as though someone at work or church will find out they are Democrats. Again, in short, they do not get it.

Now, here is the solution. Progressives and liberals must get involved at the precinct level and build a power-base and help recruit and get elected or appointed progressives and liberals to party offices and turn out the old guard of “Blue-Dog” Democrats who lack the gumption or personal fortitude to wear steel-toed boots to an ass-kicking contest.

Then they must educate, organized and mobilize the electorate to get their candidates in any office that they can. Once they do this and turn out significant numbers and percentages of votes they will began to attract some national money, operatives and resources into the state. And, once that happens, we take Texas back to its roots.

It really is that simple. But, as with most simple things it will not be easy. It starts with each of us in our precincts. Get involved damn it! Do it this damned instant!

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teaksmama said...

nicely done
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