21 July 2009

Oh Well! Whatever!

Remember that catch phrase? If you have raised a teen or pre-teen anytime in the past decade you've been treated to a dismissive and sarcastic, "Oh Well! Whatever" when you decided against the little wretch's wishes. "Oh well, whatever!", with a whinny drawn out rise in inflection on the last syllable of whatever.

Well damn it, I feel like calling our senators and using it on them.

The Matthew Shepard Act has passed the Senate, but our two Senators voted against it. Oh well, whatever! See, it helps. One doesn't have to give it any deep thought, one's blood pressure stays in check, and that little vein in one's forehead does not start pulsating like a recently run over snake.

Sarcastic and dismissive. Yep, that's exactly how one should regard the Frick and Frack combo we have representing us on Mount Olympus. And, of course, we should not be surprised by their asinine posturing for the right-wing riff-raff of the state. This is a pair, that according to the Alliance for Retired Americans, has consistently voted against the wishes or best interests of older Texans and working families.

Crony Cornyn has a 9% lifetime voting record on key issues facing older Texans and working families. Wannabe governor Hutchison enjoys a 12% lifetime rating on those same issues.

At the very least, this should dispel any misguided notion that some might have that Hutchison is a moderate and somehow tolerable for Democrats as compared to our dunce cap wearing current governor, Rick Perry. Just the flip side of the same coin.

Oh well, what eveeeer!

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