25 September 2008

McCain fools no one!

Oh, the games people play now
Every night and everyday now
Never meanin' what they say now
Never sayin' what they mean....

Remember this one from Joe South? Give it a quick listen, you'll recall it.

Here’s your guide to what McCain really means when he says…La da da dah, La da da dee, Oh the games...

Says: I’m suspending my campaign

Means: I will pull my TV ads and save that money for later while posturing as the savior of the economy and getting free “earned media” coverage. Sure it’s a risk, because people might see me as a craven putz, but the conservatives will rally around me as a wise, experienced leader.

And, after all, I’ll still have all my surrogates doing the interview shows. It won’t be like my campaign is really, really shut down.

And, it will distract the media and national attention from the fact that I’m taking a big-time ass-whipping in the polls and that my lobbyist campaign manager has been linked to a failing Wall-Street firm being investigated for fraud by the FBI.

Says: We need to postpone the debates, saving the economy is too important.

Means: Damn, I can whip Obama’s butt from here to Sunday on national security and foreign policy, but with this “economy thingee” (Palin’s influence is already showing) distracting everyone, no one will pay attention. I’ll be losing my best opportunity in the debates if we go with this topic right now.

And since the dumb-ass public has no clue to how the process really works, you know the committees do it all, I’ll be seen as a man of action, putting ethics before self. They won't notice that I sat in the meeting with the Prez and offered nothing, as I have all along...nada!

OK, back to reality, I’m thinking that a Senator who claimed not to be all that up on economics, and who asserted a few days back that the economy is fundamentally sound really has no damned thing to offer the negotiations. Perhaps he could send Sarah in his place, she could at least explain the earmarks process if she could get someone to listen without smirking and breaking into cackles of disbelief.

No, forget that. We’d be best served by both their absences!

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