10 September 2008

Palin - Pigs - Politics

Oh lord love a duck! The republictives are in a right proper old tizzy and hissy fit over Obama's pig in lipstick comment. Dare I say it? Yes, I shall--they are squeeling like stuck pigs. There! I feel better already. And, I am laughing my butt off at their hypocrisy and fake outrage.

But, first let me take you back in time. Back when America was simpler, and pigs and pit bulls didn't go around putting on airs and wearing lip stick. Back then pigs and dogs, especially pit bulls, kept in their place, I'll tell you what. And, I think America was better for it.

This was back when I was bit older than a gawky teenager, but not yet the distinguished gentleman that I now am, and the ink on my journalism degree still smeared. It was a time when political green beans such as I, sat at the feet of men like John Henry Faulk and Ralph Yarborough, and learned the lessons of Texas politics.

The first rule, Shane, they'd say, "is that you've got to be the first one to accuse your opponent of screwing pigs, and then you just sit back and let him deny it."

Well, despite the evolution of pigs and dogs into fashionistas, the rule still holds, and it doesn't just apply to Texas. That line about lipstick on pigs has been out there in politics for some time now. And, Obama is not the first one to use it in this campaign in the context of something related to a female opponent. Here's a video of McCain breaking bad on Hillary, and for funsies, and to spread the love around, the one below is of Darth Voldemort putting lip stick on John Kerry's pig.

Dang, they just make it so damned easy!

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