12 September 2008

Palin - A Blond Joke in a Brunette Wig!

Last night, I was engaged in one of those message board (Forum) war of words with a guy from West (By God) Virginia who asserted that the ‘far left” was terrified of Palin.

Not the Democrats mind you. Not the liberals. Not the progressives either. Nor the mere left. No panic there, but the f-a-a-a-a-a-r left, now that's different, they're in a panic. Understand, this guy and I have peed all over each other’s tree stumps before, and I truly suspect he is the bastard child of John Birch and Phyllis Schlafly and reared to post-adolescent rage by David Duke.

Fear? No! Cautious optimism? Yes!

Actually, Obama has a firm hold on all the Kerry states, and really only needs to pick up three others. Again, even though McCain has a slight edge in the polls right now, his edge is not as high as Obama's was prior to the convention, and it will wane. It is as I've said all along, every bounce McCain gets is a catch up, but it just never sticks and holds him in front.

Palin on ABC, last night, repudiated the "Bush Doctrine" of preemptive war, and locked herself and McCain into that repudiation. As one correspondent wrote…

“The "Bush Doctrine" is the basis for our invasion of Iraq. It's kind of a big deal. Now, maybe a McCain-Palin administration would instead have the "McCain Doctrine", which would essentially be the Bush Doctrine but with even more aggressive rhetoric, or the "Palin Doctrine", which would be that... um... spreading democracy via offshore oil drilling is good, and stuff. Or something -- it's not clear. But this "justification for war" stuff is, you know, the sort of thing that's just a wee bit important for our purported future leaders to pay a little attention to…”

It'll get worse for her. And, here's a nasty little stat you can gnaw on, her unfavorables with moderates are higher than her favorables with conservatives. There is softness for the McCain ticket in those numbers. And bear in mind, most of this bounce is in the South. Surprised?

Her clueless, blasé, moose in the headlights, misunderstanding (Hah! Try no knowledge at all) of the "Bush Doctrine" really exposed her ditzy weakness—she is freaking clueless in the way stereotypical cartoon bimbos are clueless—she’s a blond joke in a brunette wig. I don't use the term nitwit loosely, and this woman is a nitwit!

Terrified? Of this? I hardly think so.

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