24 September 2008

McCain yells " Calf Rope"!

What do you do when you’re getting your ass kicked? Hell, down here in Texas you yell “Calf Rope!” I guess over in Arizona it’s, “Let’s cancel the debate and focus on the economy, instead”. I think the Republican phrase is to, "cut and run".

But, the rules are, if you yell “calf rope” it means you’re confessing to getting a butt whipping, and just don’t want no more. Kids on my boyhood playgrounds called it, “King’s X”, or “time-out”. It all means the same thing, the other fellow is up on you, and you need some relief.

So now we have McCain, who is slipping further and further behind in every poll, whose vice-presidential selection has become the staple of late night jokesters, and whose campaign manager is revealed to be a lobbyist tied to a Wall Street firm which is under FBI fraud investigation, calling for a postponement of the Friday debate, in order for him to “focus on the economy” ie. "Calf Rope".

Finally, we have some transparency in government. This is as transparent as it gets. McCain is getting a right proper little butt whipping and looking for way out in order to once again regroup. And, to merely say he is taking an ass whipping misses the point.

Just a day or so ago, conservative mossback pundit, and all around twit, George Will, acknowledged that McCain’s behavior was frightening, and did not bode well for the country (I add—the entire freaking world) should he be elected. Will admitted that Obama’s supposed “lack of experience” was highly desirable to McCain’s “erratic” utterances and behavior.

Now, there comes a time in every parent’s life when you have to encourage a tearful child to hang in and not give up, and that sometimes you have to take a few knocks, and not yell King’s X”, no matter how bad you want to. It looks as though McCain missed that lesson.

“Let’s stop the campaign and focus on the economy”, sounds uncannily like my sixth grade buddy, Bobby Half-pint, up at the Water Tower Playground, while in the middle of a losing fist-fight, taking off, and while running away up the hill, crying out that he could hear his mother calling him home for dinner.

Someone needs to advise McCain that the moment for his “taking care of the economy” was lost about the time got himself enmeshed with the Keating Savings and Loan boondoggle, and subsequent years of deregulation, and that a president really has to deal with more than one thing at a time.

After all one can't really tell Putin that he has other things to focus on right now--Cindy is calling him home to dinner.

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