19 January 2010

Attention Banksters:: FINAL NOTICE!

I got this today from Working America and it is too good not to pass along to you. Here's your opportunity to tell the "Banksters" they are past-due with you and that you're giving them their Final Notice!

"Wall Street banks threw our economy into crisis. Bailing them out cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. Now, with unemployment at 10 percent, those same Wall Street banks are planning to give six- and even seven-figure bonuses to the executives who created this mess.

It's time to say enough, and send the banks a final notice. Payment is past due on the harm they've done to the economy. Payment is past due on all the ways they've mistreated their customers—from excessive credit card fees to risky mortgages.

We're letting the bankers know: Since they won't rein themselves in, the government is going to have to do it. And we're letting our senators know we want the banks to face consequences for their actions.

  • President Obama's proposed financial crisis responsibility fee on the largest banks will help get back the taxpayer money that bailed out those same banks, without penalizing community banks and small firms.
  • We need a consumer financial protection agency to provide strong oversight so banks can't play Russian roulette with our economy again, and to protect customers from being bled dry."

Your message also will go to your senators, to urge them to rein in the banks."

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