07 January 2010

Let's Finish the Job Right!

Please take a minute to watch this TV spot and then click on the "You" below to make your voice heard:

To finish the job and deliver a health reform bill that meets the needs of America’s families, we urge that you and conference leaders resolve a number of critical outstanding issues. These issues may be summarized under two goals:

1. Make GOOD health care affordable
Low and middle income families must be able to afford health insurance, and employers must be asked to provide good health coverage for their employees so health care is affordable at work. Health care should not be paid for with a tax on health benefits.

2. Hold insurance companies accountable
If the insurance companies win, we lose. Insurance companies must be held accountable with strong regulations and consumer protections, and we must be given the choice of a national public health insurance option available on day one across the United States.

You have my full support in addressing these critical issues before legislation is sent to the White House for a final signature.



Click on the "YOU" above to send this letter to your representative, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid & President Obama

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