21 January 2010

"Scum-Bag" Liberals Demand the Promised Change

When Mr. Obama was elected as President of the United States he included in his victory speech these words: "This victory alone is not the change we seek--it is only the chance for us to make that change. And that cannot happen without you."

On these lofty words, he began his administration with the support and the goodwill of the majority of America and with as favorable a legislative balance as any Democrat has had in many, many years. We liberals (and progressives, as I really see no distinction) were hopeful and confident that change would come about. That a real jobs program would be created to offset the tragically high rate of unemployment, that small and medium sized businesses would find support rather than rhetoric, that we would ratchet down our military presence in the Muslim world, and that we would see true regulation and restraint placed on Wall Street, its bankers and financiers and that there would be meaningful home-ownership relief to forestall, prevent or even end the horrendous rate of foreclosure. Those were some of our liberal hopes.

But most of all we dreamed of health care reform that would insure that never again would any American die, remain sick or crippled, or left bankrupt and in poverty because of lack of access to quality, affordable health care. We thought that at last we had a President and Congress who would do those things.

Now our dismay has turned to outright anger as we saw all that squandered on the naive altar of bipartisan negotiation and cooperation as though goodwill would be sufficient to get the monied interests and their legislative lackeys to do the right thing. We're angry because it is still business as usual, we're angry because the Senate version of health care reform does not do a damned thing to effect real change and that the administration through its grassroots campaign organization, "Organizing for America" is touting that the Senate bill is the best we can get.

Now, that is fine. That is politics. But, when a major regional figure in O. F. A. has the effrontery and gall to characterize a sitting Democratic Congressman as a "scum-bag" because he will not go along with the administration's marching orders, I think that perhaps it is time for people to take a deep breath and ask themselves if the promised change has happened, is happening, or looks likely to happen. And if one's answer is no, where do we turn to bring about the change we so urgently need to restore and insure the survival of an American middle class.

At least that is what this particular "scum-bag" liberal, who adamantly opposes the Senate version of health care reform, is thinking

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