20 January 2010

Here We Go Again - Aqui Nos Vamos Novamente

Yesterday the Democrats of Massachusetts failed to hold on to the seat held by Ted Kennedy through a combination of things, which are being well belabored by the pundits and do not require any additional commentary from me. Mainly because they are all utterly wrong.

Turncoat Joe Lieberman suggests that Democrats should move to the center....Joe, the center is not the center, it is the not quite so moderate wing of the Republican party with garbage truck loads of "independents" who are for the most part; uninformed, uninvolved and uneducated.

Turncoat Joe is joined by many national commentators who say that the Democrats lost the Senate seat because the Congress is "too far to the left". Here we go again...

Heart breaking rendition of an old country standard. Here we go again.... A bit off topic and gratuitous, maybe..but it reinforces my point--In politics as in love, we sometimes repeat the same stupid action over-and-over expecting different results while deep down knowing that we're heading into disillusionment and pain.

Turncoat Joe Lieberman is dead wrong and the pundits are dead wrong. The Democrats got shellacked, not because they're doing too much, but, rather because they're doing too little. Democrats do not need to act like Republicans to win!

Exit polls by Research 2000 found that even Scott Brown voters want the Democrats "to be bolder and they want health care reform that includes a public option". And six to one, Obama voters in 2008 who stayed home yesterday agreed with 80% of all voters wanting a public option. Democrats failed to mobilize their base by attempting to be Republican Lite and are paying the price.

The Democrats have one chance to salvage health care reform and in so doing insure their future viability....no! not viability...their very future. They must listen to their progressive and liberal base and take strong action. They must invoke budget reconciliation in order to enact the major points of the House version of health care reform which will require a simple majority of 51 votes. Either that, or they will Be singing a really sad song come November 2010.

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