22 January 2010

Massachusetts Swing Voters: We Want Public Option & We Want Jobs

Yesterday, we reported that the exit polls demonstrated a startling and resounding truth about why the Democrats lost a pivotal Senate seat in Massachusetts. Today, after deeper analysis and careful review of the polls another clear fact emerged. It was one to which the Democratic party should pay heed: Be bold, fight for more change--not less, and pass health care with a public option, and get real about unemployment and jobs creation.

The corporate media continues to shill a different message; "Back off! You're doing too much and the American people don't like it"! Tragically, out of touch Democrats, including some Obama operatives in the field, are losing their nerve and are calling for Democrats to "back off" and just pass the Senate health care bill despite its glaring inadequacies and cruel exclusion of millions of uninsured Americans.

What they should know by this point was that it was not Republican voters who turned this election--it was stay-at-home voters and Obama voting independents frustrated with this administration's failure to initiate and lead the promised change. Eighty percent of those "swing" voters think the Senate version of health care is inadequate and want a "Public Option".

Those working class voters who did go to the polls were issuing a very loud and clear "Wake-Up!" call. The issue for them is not that Democrats were doing too much, but rather, they are doing too little. They are aware of, and if not themselves, they personally know someone who is affected the 10% unemployment rate--and that congress recently voted its self a raise while failing to rein in and regulate the high bonuses and salaries of the nation's banksters and their wall street cronies. already there are more than 6-million Americans subsisting on nothing but food stamps.

Richard Trumpka, President of the AFL/CIO has this to say about the election results:

Let me close this now with some very applicable words from the man whose holiday we just celebrated, "Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent."

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