06 January 2010

It Is Not Over! Fight Back Today!

The fight to bring affordable, quality health care to all Americans has been waging for over a century and our generation is on the verge of claiming victory in this historic human rights struggle.

However, the insurance Tsars and drug oligarchs have so corrupted our representatives that we are left on the verge of losing and settling for "reform" which is little more than the establishment of some rules and regulations that common-sense would have dictated should already be in effect. Millions will still be left uninsured, seniors will still be left holding the bag---choosing between rent, food or prescription medicines, and children will still suffer the long-term debilitating effects from lack of health care in their early, formative years.

Turncoat Democrats like Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson have crafted an insurance industry friendly bill and guided it through the Senate with an eye-wink and wave through from the Obama administration causing an outpouring of outrage from progressive and senior's groups. That is the bad news, but there reasons for us to continue in the battle with renewed vigor and focus.

The House bill and the Senate bill are heading for conference committee work with some "closed door" negotiation already underway with members of the House being "pressured" to accept the deeply flawed Senate bill as is. Yes, that is part of the bad news. But, the Congressional Progressive Caucus is in a position to continue the fight if we, you and I and every one we can mobilize into taking action let them know we support them and want them to fight back against the insurance industry, Big Pharma and other corporate stakeholders that are attempting to gut, stymie and halt real reform.

Go to CREDO Action and tell the House progressives to keep fighting! Do it for yourself, your children and your grandchildren...it is time now to take action. Don't delay, just click on the link above and sign the petition and let Congress know that we aren't beaten yet!

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