14 August 2009

America The Lost!

Why America has seen it's best days and is in decline:On its web page today, CNN is running this poll. Look closely at the numbers and percentages through 1:00 pm CDT.

Do you believe "death panels" are part of the proposed health care reforms?

Yes 23% 35923
No 64% 99914
Don't know 13% 19798

Total Votes: 155,635

36% percent of the respondents either believe or are just too damned stupid to disbelieve that "death panels" are part of health care reform. That is slightly more than the percentage of people who still supported that dry-drunk sociopath, George W. Bush at the end of his run.

Lack of education does not account for it. Ideology does not explain it. Certainly several generations of in-breeding could account for some of it, but not all of it. Why?

Death panels? e.e cummings had it right. Little Effie does have gingerbread for brains along with the 36% of truly stupid people who are undeserving of the protections afforded them by the rule of law and the benefits offered by living in America. Utterly and totally and abysmally undeserving.

In 1980 when I was doing talk radio in Houston, I had a conversation with one of Ted Kennedy's top advisers and he said, "Shane, me boyo, it is all over for this country. From now on we'll be fighting a rearguard action." I'll admit that at the time I was operating pretty much in a drug and alcohol induced haze and didn't fully grasp what he meant.

Well, I've cleaned up, made my amends, do my daily inventory and the rest of it and want you to know that I sure as shooting get it now.

36% of my fellow citizens either believe or are too stupid to disbelieve that death panels are part of health care reform. 36% for chrissake!

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