05 August 2009

Health Care Myths & Lies From the Right Wing


Let us examine the lies and myths being perpetrated on America by the right-wing as part of its fear-mongering campaign of disinformation:

1. Government run health care will destroy America!

Let me say this up front. If eight years of that dry-drunk sociopath, George W. Bush, with his coterie of mendicants, river trolls, sneak-thieves, cut-purses, panderers and deep-forest hobgoblins did not destroy us, a humane effort to provide quality health care to everyone surely will not.

The truth is that health insurance reform will limit tax increases to the richest Americans, ensure continued choice and access to doctors by making certain they are reimbursed fairly for quality care, cut over payments to private insurance companies in Medicare and protect the right for Americans with health insurance to stay in their own plan.

2. Seniors will be the ones footing the bill for health care reform!

To the contrary, health insurance reform will eliminate wasteful over payments to private Medicare Advantage plans, extend the solvency of Medicare, and include improvements to Medicare benefits and health care for seniors. Medicare will remain strong and stable and seniors will continue to have the choice of doctors and hospitals and increased access to coordinated, high quality care. Health reform is actually the key to protecting Medicare for today's and coming generations of seniors.

3. The government wants seniors to drop dead!

Here, come up for air a moment and ask yourself this question; if no one can be elected to office without the senior vote, why would they initiate a health plan to the disadvantage of seniors? It doesn't calculate does it?

The truth? Private health insurance companies that profit from Medicare Advantage plan over payments are lobbying congress to stop health care reform because they know that reform will cut into their bottom line. That is a good thing for seniors. The truth is that MA plans are overpaid at least 15% more than they should be, so these cuts will only hurt their profits, not seniors' benefits. In fact, it is the insurance companies telling seniors to "Drop Dead!", because if they can't make a profit off the government, then they won't want to give seniors health care.

COMING TOMORROW: Euthanasia, Drug Coverage and Long-Term Care lies.

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