19 August 2009

Short, Sweet, To the Point!

Here it is with the bark off!

Health care reform could die in the U.S. Senate as a group of Republicans and Blue-Dog Democrats dither, stymie, and stall hoping that their delaying tactics will frustrate us in our efforts to bring about meaningful health care reform.

Don't let that happen. Use this very simple link provided by True Majority to send an e-mail to your Senator that you want health care reform and that you want it now, and that you would like them to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

It's very simple, virtually boiler plate. Just type in your e-mail, fill in the blanks and you've made your voices hears. Please don't wait, do it right now!
The Public Option is alive and well and Democrats have said they're prepared to go it alone without the Republicans if they continue stalling. Let them know that they're not alone. If your Senators are Republican, let them you're supporting the other side.
There is a momentum shift, be a part of it and send that e-mail right now. You deserve health care reform.

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