11 August 2009

Deathers, Birthers, Teabaggers - Explained

Life is so damned cool! I mean it! Just when you think you've got a handle on stuff and pretty much understand how things work, how people think and so forth, and believe you've about seen and heard it all, along comes a collection of whack job, fractionally sentient, conspiracy nutzos who bring a whole new perspective to things.

It used to be that a compassionate society was structured to provide institutional care for mentally damaged persons who were so unhinged as to be disruptive of the common good but were not truly homicidal. Then along came Reaganomics and we closed down our state hospitals and instead of providing Thorazine or lobotomies to the unhinged screamers, we gave them talk shows, sent them to congress, and loaded them on buses to be hauled around the country to interfere with the democratic process. It is as though we've all become transported across space and time to become characters in a Stephan King novel.

But, in today's vernacular; it's all good. They've given two new words defining their absurd, extremist, conspiracy laden worldviews. Yep, we now have three new nouns, birther, deather and teabagger defining what we once knew as...okay, let us be kind here, the mentally disturbed.

In case you're just getting back from your holiday at the bottom of a deep cave somewhere in the Gobi out of cell phone or wifi range, a birther is a loonie who thinks president Obama is not a natural born US citizen despite his birth certificate, testimonies from officials and other evidence. A deather is an equally disturbed person, and usually, but not always, also a birther, who has taken the notion that the health care reform proposals coming out of Congress would create death panels or force seniors and sick people into euthanasia.

As to teabaggers. I haven't quite gotten them figured out other than that they like to congregate in public holding up signs that "Obama Is A MORAN". For me that about sums them up.

For example, Sarah Palin is a deather, Glenn Beck is a deather, Rush Limbaugh is a deather and a birther. And they all support teabaggers.

Now, ain't that just a pisser?

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