13 August 2009

Obama Is Losing the Seniors

You know what? As what is often euphemistically referred to as an "older person", I am getting very damned sick and tired of either being taken for granted, or worse still, being overlooked.

You know what else? I would be tickled beyond my command of English to explain if I could just once during this health care struggle write something glowing and wonderful. But, I can't.

Okay, here's what has me more than just a little irked today. The Obama administration, according to Politico, has a senior problem. No crap? I told them that awhile back. But did they listen? Nooooo! No one listens to us doddering old fools, right?

Take a look at the people creating the ruckus out there. The vast majority are older people; social security and Medicare beneficiaries scared out of their wits that the "guvmint" is going to take away their Medicare benefits, demand that they be euthanized and other outrageous concerns about atrocities to come if Obama socializes Medicare.

Okay, okay, I know, believe me I know. I confront this lack of sophistication on a daily basis. But, and please believe me on this, the administration is not making it easier for me down here at the community activist level with their tepid responses to such claims coupled with the revelations that Obama has cut back room deals with the drug tsars that will prevent Medicare from bidding for lower prices in its Part D prescription program.

Tepid? you ask. Yeah, I reply. About as tepid and lukewarm as that proverbial bucket of spit that John Nance Garner once referenced. Here's what I mean: Obama, when asked about the euthanasia issue during a town hall meeting answered, "I'm not in favor of that". No kidding? Not in favor of it himself, which implies that someone somewhere is, and that it remains a possibility that it could come about over his objections. See, got it? That is what I mean by tepid...on the streets, we'd say lame-ass!

What would have been wrong with, "It is an outrageous lie perpetrated by the drug tsars and insurance oligarchs to frighten you and to try to scare you into working against your own best interests by throwing sand in the gears of health care reform. It is a lie, and it will not happen! And the people lying to you deserve to be summarily hanged, with or without trial!"

Alright, that last part probably wouldn't be all that judicious, but, I'm sure you take my point. Anything other than "I am not in favor of that..."

Obama is a hard sell in these parts. Health care reform is a very damned hard sell in these parts. The administration is at risk of losing it all by losing the seniors.

No one gets elected in this country and policy does not get made without the support of seniors. This administration needs to snap to that fact and be damned quick about it.

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