06 August 2009

The Health Care Lies & Myths From the Right!

Part Two;

OK, hold your breath and count to ten. On July 28 Congresswoman Virginia Fox (R-NC) said the Democrats health care proposal would "put seniors in a position of being put to death by their government".

Which statement presents us with lie number four...

4. They want you to consider euthanasia!

In this cruel and appalling distortion of the truth, opponents of health care reform have shameful alleged that health insurance reform will lead us to government sponsored euthanasia. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is an OPTIONAL and helpful provision in the reform legislation that will provide coverage for advanced care planning. This counseling will make it easier for people to consult with their doctors about end-of-life decisions we all have to make, and what services and supports are available, including palliatives and hospice. This advanced planning concept has been in federal law since the Patient Self-Determination Act in 1990 and has been supported by both Republicans and Democrats alike for decades. The difference is that such counseling would now be covered, not an out-of-pocket expense.

5. They want you to lose your prescription drug coverage!

Again, this is about the Medicare Advantage plans using Republican sock-puppets to scare older people into thinking that if over payments are cut, then they would have to do without prescription drug coverage. Here's the truth. Health insurance reform saves seniors hundreds of dollars on their prescription drugs because it cuts the cost of brand-name drugs by half once you've reached the Part D coverage gap; and phases in completely filling in the "donut hole".

6. They will increase our long-term care costs!

No, no, no! For the first time ever, health care reform will create a new, national system (CLASS Act) of delivering affordable long term care to all Americans in the environment they choose--even in their own home.

Coming Tomorrow....How to fight back against the bullies, screamers and thugs, without winding up in jail.

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