07 August 2009

Fight Against the Thugs, Bullies and Goons

It does not matter if it's in the early morning hours on a dark road to a Harlan County, Kentucky coalmine or outside a bright sun drenched polling place in Florida, the paid goons and thugs from the reactionary right-wing are ever ready to stomp on the rights of the working class of America. Now their target is that most basic of all the institutions of America Democracy, the Town Hall Meeting.

"The shout 'em down, shut 'em down thuggery being staged right now at town hall meetings about health care is again a source of conservative pride as corporate lobbying groups brag about their ability to turn out the mobs, to shut down the democratic process." Rachel Maddow.

The situation is dire, the threat is real and the thugs and goons are out to do the bidding of the Insurance Oligarchs and Drug Tsars who want to prevent meaningful health care reform. And, it is not about politics or ideology, although right-wing ideologues are the tools, it is about their continuing to exploit working class Americans for the maximisation of their excessive profits.

Such Republican notables as Jack Abramoff, Dick Armey, Pete Sessions and John Boehner are either directly fomenting or supporting the outrageous and menacing behavior of the right-wings mobs shouting down and attempting to rattle and intimidate our representatives attempting to get input from their constituents. Some congress persons have received death threats or have been hung in effigy. So much for "family values" and "civil discourse" so often lamented over by the wing-nuts.

What to do? you ask. Simple, I say. Fight back. Here's how.

E-mail your congressional representative and then follow up with a phone call. Tell them you support health care reform, and even if they don't you want them to go on the record against the mobs attempting to disrupt the democratic process of town hall meetings.

Seek out, town hall meeting in your area and be prepared to shout back, block and stand up to the bullies and thugs. Show up, bring as many people as you can, outnumber them, and when they start to disrupt, start and lead a rhythmic chant, "Let him/her Speak!"

Your representatives and Senators are coming home for summer recess, make it a point to visit their local office, and make sure you gather a number of people to join you. Those offices are not private, they are yours and mind and must be kept open to the democratic process.

Do not expect someone else to do this for you...you must do it yourself. No excuses, or once again the thugs, bullies and goons will win.

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