14 August 2008

Happy Birthday Social Security!


President Franklin Roosevelt signed your birth certificate 73 years ago.

Thank you
  • For providing lifelong protection for retirees, the disabled, surviving spouses, and orphans.
  • You offer peace of mind to both retirees and today's workers in a rapidly changing world.
  • You've stayed inflation proof and are the sole income of 22% of all seniors.
  • Without you, 40% of seniors would fall below the poverty line.
  • Just as in the past, Social Security will require some bipartisan fixes in the coming years; however, there is no rush, and privatization is not the answer.
Nevertheless, this is a special day. I'm celebrating by joining with members of the local Alliance for Retired Americans chapter and taking cupcakes and birthday card to the workers at our local SS office.

Why don't you do the same, they'll appreciate it! Tell 'em the Alliance sent you.

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Dr.T said...

Since 1980 when Reagan was elected the Republicans have been at war with the working man and woman. It's time to stand up to these thieves who have looted our treasury to enrich themselves. Our society needs better oversight of the entire financial industry and true enforcement of the existing laws. The laws we do have are left over from Roosevelt and the New Deal. IN fact that is exactly what we need, A NEW DEAL for working Americans!
Your blog is great!

Dr. Stephen M. Taylor
Chair Rockwall County
Democratic Party