02 August 2008

McCain Goes Negative - MSMTakes Note

Desperate McCain Campaign goes negative with a tinge of subliminal racism!

McCain’s attack ads are coming way early in the campaign and signal desperation in the McCain camp. They satisfy the base, they don't change the opposition, and they might make a slight difference with uninformed and uneducated undecideds. But, not without blow back and problems.

One big problem is that most undecideds do not decide until very late, almost election day, so this negative this early runs several risks: Jading or overloading the target segment--causing them to become indifferent or blasĂ© to negative ads, and serving to mobilize the opposition (every time one of these runs, Obama’s people gin up very effective, and productive, internet appeals for money to fight back), and it also allows Obama time to craft a response and rebut the negativity early in the campaign—all that will be remembered is that McCain went negative and nasty.

Already, Mainstream Media is reporting on how negative, and off-target, the ads are, and not on the message the ads are trying to deliver. This works to dilute ad’s intent. They are another McCain Campaign blunder. He had something working with his false pleas that Obama was getting all the coverage--MSM and Cable noticeably began featuring more McCain in leads with favorable stories...then, he pulls this nonsense and places himself under a negative spotlight.

In some strange way it is like McCain is campaigning in the 50s or 60s. The ad putting Obama between two "blond" celebrities has virtually no shock value anymore. We are rapidly becoming a multi-racial society. "Race-mixing" is no longer a “crime”!

After all, we've seen T.O. and Terri Hatcher separated by only a towel and we survived the trauma, and the sun rose in the East the next morning. Many of us now have bi-racial or multi-racial couples, and/or families, as neighbors or co-workers--or as members of our own family. The only people with whom such ads are effective are the deeply entrenched racists among us, and no way in hell they're voting for Obama anyway.

It just doesn't have any traction or legitimacy, and acts to underscore and remind us of how deeply out of touch, unknowing, and truly incipiently racist are the Republicans.

And, consider this, it really does not play with 21-34 year-olds, and they're the ones that will determine the outcome of this campaign. We'll have enough of the seniors, and middle-aged white guys, women, and most of the 21-34 year olds to win!

Hillary will keynote the convention, and that is when you'll see the swing or bounce from the hesitant women and blue-collar white-guys. Yesterday, I was one 2,500 activists and union leaders that sat in on conference call with Senator Obama and AFL/CIO President, John Sweeney, during which Sweeney called for all workers to join in “the fight of our lives”. Both men said how crucial it was for each of us to deliver the message to our brothers and sisters of how important this election is to saving Social Security, improving Medicare, gaining health care for all Americans and restoring the middle class.

All the negativity, hate mongering and race baiting that McCain's Rove/Bush imitators can conjure up will not suffice to undo the exciting and positive message of change coming from the Obama campaign.

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