15 August 2008

HIDE YOUR VALUABLES - Rove is coming!

OMIG! Quick! Gather up the silverware and great-grandma’s gold jewelry, your wedding bands, and anything else you treasure and get them buried out behind the barn. Hide your daughters and wife in the basement, board up the windows, and if you have a half-way decent bass boat you might want to think about putting it in storage. And, I’d for sure, put any decent dog that you care about into boarding for a while.

And “git ‘er done” before Monday

How come?

Well, here’s how come. Unindicted felon, notorious scofflaw, subpoena evading, serial self-abuser, and Bush lickspittle, Karl Rove, is heading to Texas to try to con some money out of folks to assist the campaign of the dry-drunk sociopath’s prime Senatorial enabler, John "Crony" Cornyn.

You know Cornyn, the one who has voted wrong on every single measure coming up in the U.S. Senate which affected seniors and working families. That John Cornyn. The one who voted against the recent Medicare bill until the Texas Medical Association and outraged seniors dope-slapped him into reality, and a later affirmative vote. One wonders, which scared him the most, the lost endorsement of one of the State’s most important lobbies or the sight of angry little old dames in tennis shoes heading his way. Hell, the big money boys over at the doctor lobby? You just take them up to the Petroleum Club and ply them with some Wild Turkey and pro-football cheerleaders, and you’re good to go. But, you just do not want a whole lot of angry seniors on your case.

According to Rick Noriega’s Communication Director, Martine Apodaca, this is an indicator that Crony Cornyn's campaign is getting worried, when they go to the extraordinary measure of calling in the very unpopular Bush’s top political hit man for help.

Of course Bush and Rove have big reasons to help out their crony, Cornyn. The Noriega campaign quotes the Texas Observer in citing:

Crony Cornyn voted with Bush 96% of the time during his first four years in the Senate, and 90% thereafter.

Crony Cornyn backed Bush on every vote relating to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Crony Cornyn used his seat on the Senate Armed Forces Committee to attempt to block and investigation into the torture and abuses at Abu Ghraib.

Crony Cornyn was one of only nine senators, all Republicans, who stood with Bush, and voted against John McCain’s amendment to ban cruel and inhumane treatment of terrorism suspects.

The issue is clear. Crony Cornyn has supported and enabled our dry-drunk, sociopathic president more than any other person. And now, on the run from subpoenas, hit man Rove is coming to a fundraiser in El Paso on Monday.

Norriega is calling on supporters to send Rove a message before he sneaks into town. He asking you to click on this link to send a donation, before Rove gets here.


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