28 August 2008

Hillary's Beau Geste!

Sometimes in this media driven age of ours, where every pilot is a "television event", we get caught up in moments where we sense something “bigger than life” has happened, and we engage in some form of hyperbole to describe something as being bigger than it really was. There’s nothing wrong with that. It is normal. We all want to be a part of something larger than ourselves, something that makes us unique and takes us beyond the routine of daily existence.

For weeks the online forums and right–wing screech-monkeys of TV and Radio talk-shows have had slobber drooling down their chins as they gleefully postulated how Hillary and Bill would yank the rug out from under Obama. How Hillary would send subtle signals to the faithful that they should wait until 2012, and that Bill would deliver some sort of "by-the-numbers" tepid speech and then leave the hall.

Right! What I saw, was several honest-to-goodness, bigger-than-life, defining moments of history. The moment that Hillary called for nomination by acclamation, I knew I was witnessing a moment for posterity. There are words for that moment. French words, actually, which really do not translate into English with the full import of their meaning: “Beau Geste, a "beautiful gesture". But, oh so much more, it was a gesture of courage, of hope, of spirit, and of transcendent political beauty, unity and loyalty for the future good of all. A Beau Geste.

And Bill’s speech. Dang, the boy’s a hound, but probably the best president in my lifetime. The man has an unmatched ability to make you feel that he is with you and on your side.

And, here’re two of the best lines from the convention, so far. Both are unparalleled zingers!

Remember Ann Richards when she accused Daddy Bush of being born on third base and believing he’d hit a triple? Well, Ohio Governor, Ted Strickland gave us the corollary to the joke. He said, "When Bill Clinton left office leaving 22-million new jobs and a budget surplus, Dubya came into office on third base, and immediately stole second! And John McCain cheered him every step of the way."

And Speaking of McCain, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, said that, "The nation can’t meet its energy needs merely by drilling for oil even if we drilled in every one of McCain’s Backyards."

Yep, thems my kind of folks, each and every one of them.

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